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APS to prohibit students from walking around Bowl during football games

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ARTESIA — The Artesia Public Schools (APS) announced Monday that it will henceforth be prohibiting students from walking around Bulldog Bowl during home football games.

APS Superintendent Darian Jaramillo said in a statement distributed to district families that the action was being taken to address the safety and well-being of students following an increase in fights over the past few years.

“Bulldog football games can get crowded and sometimes chaotic, which has led to fights and accidental collisions when students are running to the fights,” Jaramillo wrote. “Over the last couple of years, fights have increased. At our last home football game, we unfortunately had six fights. This is not what Artesia Bulldogs represent.”

To prevent students from walking around the Bowl during games, sections of the concourse will be roped off once the game begins, with workers stationed along the concourse to allow adults to pass. Students will not be permitted to walk completely around the stadium unless accompanied by an adult.

“When students remain in their seats, supervision is more manageable, resulting in a safe environment,” Jaramillo wrote. “We can also respond quickly to any situation that may require attention. If a student continues to walk around after being asked to find a seat, parents will be called to pick the student up.”

Walking around the Bowl during games has long been an extracurricular activity engaged in by primarily junior high and intermediate school-aged students, and Jaramillo writes that, while the district understands the “thrill and camaraderie” associated with the activity, students are instead encouraged “to sit in the stands and CHEER FOR THE BULLDOGS!”

The district requests the support of local families in instituting the change.

“Please have a conversation with your child before attending the football games, explaining the importance of staying seated and enjoying the game from their seats,” Jaramillo wrote. “We believe that by working together, we can create a fun, safe environment for everyone.”

Brienne Green
Daily Press Editor

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