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Calling all ghosts and go-getters!

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Museum seeking Foundation members, haunted Halloween tales

For as long as humans have walked the earth, stories of creatures and ghosts have followed.

Whether they be told by the bright edges of a campfire or shared with giggles and whispers in groups,

stories of the unexplained fascinate and frighten. This Halloween, the Artesia Historical Museum will be

sharing stories from around the state.

To help complete this exhibit, the museum is asking the public for their scary stories. Was there a haunted house on your street growing up or an urban legend told in the hallways at school? Do you recall your grandfather’s stories of a creature that lurked in the wilderness?

While New Mexico houses some of the most terrifying places in the country, the museum would like to also highlight the local stories of the shadows. If you have a story of a ghost, urban legend, or even a tale

of a monster, please send it to the Artesia Historical Museum at jhope@artesianm.gov.


The Artesia Historical Museum Foundation is recruiting new members to help support the Artesia Historical Museum and Art Center.

The Foundation exists to help support the museum in collecting and preserving local history. This support comes in different forms, including funding and fundraising for acquirement or preservation of items and helping with educational and artistic opportunities for the public.

The Foundation is an integral group of people to the functioning of the Museum and its events. Those interested in becoming a member should be willing to give their time and skills to helping the foundation and the museum prosper.

Meetings are held monthly. Some events/projects may require Foundation members’ assistance in order to see them to completion. One of the upcoming events that the Foundation will support is the Halloween event in October. Exhibits will be placed in the Art Center, along with snacks and craft activities.

If you are interested in helping create a wonderful public experience, please contact the museum supervisor, Jessica Hope, at jhope@artesianm.gov.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Jessica Hope is the supervisor of the Artesia Historical Museum and Art Center. Contact her at 575-748-2390.)

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