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AHS opens hearts, wallets

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Tyler Green photo
Tyler Green photo


Artesia High School Student Council members, top row from left, Kenzie Rutledge, Alex Donaghe, Vanessa Lopez, Aaron Romo, bottom row from left, Victoria Lynchesky, Shelby Marquez, Raven Chavarria and Senior Counselor Judy Stewart, display the results of a fundraiser the Student Council held recently for 7-year-old Kayci Ann Houghtaling, who has been hospitalized since July and is currently awaiting a heart transplant in Houston, Texas.
Kayci is the daughter of AHS coach Ty Houghtaling and Jennifer Houghtaling. The students began raising money in August. Their initial effort raised approximately $400; this past week, however, the students promoted the fundraiser through social networking and school announcements. In addition, Principal Thad Phipps offered the entire student body an extended lunch hour if they raised $1,000. The promotion paid off, and within two hours Friday morning, the students exceeded their goal. Emotions ran high as the donations continued pouring in, eventually totaling $2,700. Combined with a donation from First Baptist Church, the students raised a total of $3,101 for Kayci. The students said they were glad to help raise the funds, stating “do to others as you would have them do to you.”

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