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City hopes to move electrical poles for Baish Park renovations

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Daily Press Staff Writer
For Tina Torres, the Director of Community Development, adding another step to the Baish Park renovation project — in the middle of construction, no less — may cause a headache or two now, but she is certain that it will be well worth it once everything is complete.
“It’s certainly kept me busy for the past couple of days,” Torres said. “But if you’re going have a beautiful public place like the one we’re building, it’s going to make a huge, noticeable difference when you count up all the poles that will no longer be in view.” … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
The poles Torres is referring to are the electrical poles that are, for the time being, in the alley on the south end of Baish Park City Hall’s property. First brought up by Councilor Jose Luis Aguilar in a council meeting four weeks ago, on June 12, the plan to remove the poles was “for purely aesthetic reasons.”
After receiving figures from contractors, Torres told the council last Tuesday that moving the electrical cables underground, which includes digging and backfilling the trenches for the cables as well as adjusting the power supply going into several nearby small businesses,  will cost the City $170,000.

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