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Your Questions Answered: Local legend of Blake’s Lotaburger could have eventual happy ending

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What ever happened to the
Blake’s Lotaburger Artesia was
supposed to receive?

One morning in the early 2000s, drivers along West Main Street were surprised to see a freshly-painted sign in the vacant lot between Burger King and what was then Ruth’s Restaurant (now Los Potrillos).

“Blake’s Lotaburger, Coming Soon,” it proclaimed.

The buzz spread quickly through a community always starving – both literally and figuratively – for new restaurant options. And for the next few months, local Blake’s fans had visions of green chile cheeseburgers dancing in their heads.

But a few months became several. Several months became a year… then two.

The sign remained but grew steadily faded, was vandalized, and eventually disappeared, along with Artesia’s hope the popular Albuquerque-based burger chain might still arrive.

But although more than a decade has passed since the sign came down, the Blake’s legend has lived on in the back of many local minds, prompting the question: “What happened to the Blake’s?”

The Daily Press contacted Blake’s Lotaburger headquarters in the Duke City, where Lucy Rosen, director of marketing, pledged to solve the mystery.

As it happens, Rosen says, Blake’s was considering the purchase of the lot in question, working through a real estate agency that “jumped the gun” by erecting the “Coming Soon” sign before the purchase was finalized.

“It was a while before we even realized a sign was there,” Rosen said. “Apologies all around on that one!”

There is, however, still hope for local carnivores on the Blake’s front.

“The good news is: Blake’s Lotaburger owns land all over the state of New Mexico (including Artesia),” Rosen says, “and you never know, you may see another (approved by us) sign in the future.”

Artesia will drink (a frosty chocolate shake) to that.

“In the meantime,” says Rosen, “we look forward to seeing all of the Artesia Daily Press readers at any of our existing Blake’s Lotaburger locations throughout the state of New Mexico.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: “Your Questions Answered” is a new and ongoing Daily Press feature through which readers may ask questions concerning the community. Submit questions to editor@artesianews.com.)

Brienne Green
Daily Press Editor

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