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Looking Back: Portales declares ‘Beat Artesia Day’ in 1978 (doesn’t)

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(Daily Press 1978 File Photo)

Looking back 40, 30 and 20 years ago, the following are excerpts from the Artesia Daily Press from Oct. 22-28.

40 years ago
Oct. 22-28, 1978

A small notice tacked on the old, wooden door and a slightly dented sign leaning against a railing are all the remain to show the city that the Artesia Police Department once operated from the building at the corner of Fifth and Main streets. But the notice, which tells all the department has moved, holds more meaning than humble writing denotes, as it signifies the new law enforcement center is open and ready for business.


The Artesia Bulldogs needed a team leader, and in their eagerness to fulfill the role, the members of the team almost trampled their coaches in their rush to the forefront. In that rush, they took time to methodically destroy the Bloomfield Bobcats in a 30-0 blitz which demonstrated to the state of New Mexico that the Bulldogs are ready to play football. The Bobcats had brought their numero uno ranking into Bulldog Bowl Friday night, and they were facing a team which was ranked sixth and had a 3-3 record, but that had been coming on strong in the last two weeks. “I don’t know if the kids have enjoyed playing football more than they are right now,” said Mike Phipps, head coach.


As reported in the Pinon News: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brown and Mrs. and Mrs. Jerry Brown from Sullivan, Inc. are at the Mesa Verde Ranch for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brown, Nancy Brown, and Harold Shepherd went with a trailer of horses Saturday to Lubbock, Texas, to enter them in the races there. Travis Eldrige is again working at the Mesa Verde Ranch. He and Mrs. Eldrige moved their trailer house back to the ranch and are living near the main ranch house.


Four men arrested Wednesday and charged with defrauding an innkeeper and gambling had the charges against them dismissed today in magistrate court. The men were arrested Wednesday at the Rock Motel. The men denied the gambling charge, saying that there was no money on the table when the arrests were made. Judge Donald Price said money does not have to be present, as the law defines gambling as making a bet, but the officer agreed to drop the charges against the men, and the men agreed to pay restitution to the motel.


Just to show that they are ready to play and how much the game means, today has been proclaimed “Beat Artesia Day” in Portales, Mayor Don Shafer said. Word through the grapevine has it that Portales is supposed to be bringing a lot of fans to town for tonight’s game, and fans are urged to get there early to watch one of the top prep games of the season. (Spoiler Alert: Artesia wins the game 21-19.)

30 years ago
Oct. 22-28, 1988

One down, two to go. The season of Artesia High School’s varsity football team has boiled down to a three-game schedule, and the Bulldogs took the first step toward keeping their postseason hopes alive Friday in Tucumcari. Artesia pinned a 41-12 district loss on the Rattlers, and in doing so, evened its district record at 1-1 and season slate at 4-4. A loss in either of the next two games will eliminate Coach Barry Coffman’s Bulldogs.


As reported in the Pinon News: The deer have really been troubling the Pinon and Avis people, eating their trees and yards. There was a new note in the pinon News recently of the problem. Mrs. Juanita Munson Mahaffey of Artesia sent a piece she had found in a paper a few years ago reporting Charles Mason in Rock Island, Wash., had a long-standing problem of deer destroying evergreen trees and trees in his orchard. He learned that hanging Lifebuoy soap in the trees in his orchard stopped the deer. Since he did that, he has not been bothered.


Anita Harvey out-picked the field to win last week’s Pigskin Payoff. She amassed a 16-4 record, as did two other people, then beat them on the tie-breaker. She missed one prep game, two college games, and one pro game.


Senior Rene Rascon was elected queen for Artesia High School’s 1988 Homecoming activities this weekend. Her escort is Ramon Barrera. Rene and her court — maid of honor Shelli Peyton, senior princesses Genna Simer and Missy Lain, junior attendant Cherry Foster, and sophomore attendant Diane Williamson — were presented at an assembly and will be again prior to tonight’s Artesia-Lovington football game at Bulldog Bowl.

20 years ago
Oct. 22-28, 1998

Firefighters Adrian Romo, Eli Herrera, Tony Garcia and Brian Beasley took home the third-place trophy at the Southeastern New Mexico Extrication Competition on Sunday. Margarito Alvarado of Southwest Body and Towing provided a vehicle to the local fire department for the competition.


The Artesia Bulldogs started off with an explosion last night in their first district win of the season against the Ruidoso Warriors. No, not the fireworks. The explosion came in the first :12 of the game when Jeremy Guthrie returned the opening kickoff 70 yards for a touchdown. The Warriors did everything they could to keep the momentum from turning against them. They came out of the locker room late, and when they finally took the field and kicked the ball, it was short and to the side in an effort to keep the Bulldogs from getting a big return. Too bad they went to all that trouble for nothing. The Bulldogs wasted the Warriors, 51-21.


As reported in the Pinon News: Mrs. Shannon McGuire came recently to the home of Mrs. Oma Gage here in Pinon and has been hunting for pictures she would like to paint, and she is finding some. She planned to return to Artesia Friday, then in a few days return here. Thursday night she was sitting in her house and saw Mrs. Holcomb’s car light on and went to her house and told her. Then she helped check and found a door partly open causing a light to shine that would have caused the battery to run down. Mrs. Holcomb was very appreciative. She passed the work around to the neighbors and now they too would like to have her for a neighbor and live here. She would like to live here and her husband is thinking of it. His father, W.B. McGuire lived here when her husband was a boy. They attended services of the church of Christ.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Looking Back was compiled by Daily Press Community Living Editor Teresa Lemon.)

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