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Political sign theft motivates reader to speak out

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This morning, I woke up to find my Clinton/Kaine yard sign gone from my front yard here in Artesia.

It had been stolen during the cover of night. I don’t care if it was just a childish prank, I am angry about somebody trespassing and taking my property.

Now, some of you may be falling out of your chairs laughing that I had the audacity to display my political intentions in this primarily Republican community, but the truth of the matter is that I felt it my civic duty and my right of free speech under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. In addition, I don’t intend to have my voice silenced by this incident. In fact, I will be displaying more Clinton/Kaine signs. This incident may actually be a blessing in disguise for me, because it motivates me to speak out about this presidential election! The following words are my opinions about the two major candidates for president:

I am supporting the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, for president because she is the best candidate for the job – not the perfect candidate for the job, but the best one. I actually admire her.

Under intense scrutiny for much of her adult life, Secretary Clinton has been in public service and has been an advocate for children, women, families, the disabled, and others who have needed her voice over the years. For example, Mrs. Clinton worked for the Children’s Defense Fund; she has been a U.S. senator; and she served as Secretary of State. She has worked hard and collaborated with others very well in order to solve problems.

She has not caused gridlock in our government. Secretary Clinton understands the complexities of our world. She has a working relationship with leaders all over the globe. She has never been found guilty of any of the charges that many people have thrown at her. Secretary Clinton has never given up despite harsh criticism over the years. She is tough under difficult circumstances. She is intelligent, compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled, and prepared for the most challenging job on the planet. She just demonstrated that again on Monday night at the first of the presidential debates. In fact, Secretary Clinton is the most highly qualified candidate for president in history! In contrast, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, is the least qualified of any candidate for president ever. He didn’t even prepare enough for the debate Monday night. He sounded incoherent and confused.

He is not prepared for the toughest job in the world. He has no record of public service or governing experience. However, he is skilled at lying and does so with ease and very frequently. Mr.

Trump is not knowledgeable about our U.S. Constitution, the complexities of our government, and even less knowledgeable about the complicated world we live in. His words and behavior demonstrate that he is a bigot – a bigot who has said hateful words about President Barack Obama, about African Americans, Hispanics, women, immigrants, refugees, Gold Star families, disabled people, overweight persons, and others.

Even Mr. Trump’s business record is questionable. He has numerous bankruptcies; has failed to pay vendors and workers fairly for their work; and from the few tax returns that are available, he has not paid federal taxes. Because he refuses to release his recent tax returns, we don’t know how good he really is at business.

How much is he really worth?

Which countries has he had business deals with? Could it be Russia and China? How much has he really donated to charity?

If you think Mr. Trump is the blue collar billionaire who cares about the working folks and will bring more jobs back to the United States, you are sadly mistaken.

He is a man that is only concerned with making money for himself and his companies.

He has numerous items from his companies manufactured in other countries. If you think he is charitable like many of our local Artesia corporations and individuals who have foundations to benefit our young people and our students, you are sadly mistaken. If you think he has given sizeable donations to schools or city governments like many of our generous citizens have done here in Artesia, you are wrong.

If you believe that Mike Pence and other Republicans will be able to help Mr. Trump with governing or making decisions if he is elected to the presidency, good luck with that! Mr. Trump doesn’t listen well to others or take advice for very long. We can’t trust him with governing, decision ­making, and especially not with decisions related to our national security. In my opinion, he is scary and dangerous!

In conclusion, I ask that you please think hard about your choices for president. If you haven’t registered to vote, you can do so at the Eddy County office at 112 N. First St. You need to register by 5 p.m. on Oct. 11. I urge you to exercise your right to vote. Early voting begins at the Eddy County office on Saturday, Oct. 22, and goes for two weeks after. Of course, you can wait to vote at your voting precinct election day, Nov. 8. This is important – please vote!

Respectfully yours,
Kathryn A. Quiroga

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