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Public Forum: Be on your guard for scam artists

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Think you can outsmart a scam artist? Think again!

I’m writing this so hopefully you can spot a scam artist before you are pulled in too deep. This is what we have learned:

• They “think” they are your best friend.

• They can cry on a dime!

• They love being the center of attention. No one else is smart enough to speak.

• Someone is ALWAYS victimizing THEM. They take no responsibility.

• They have no true friends. They hide behind the good people of any church and any religion! They seek out and prey upon kind people.

• They are compulsive liars with enormous EGOS.

• They are oftentimes abusive to animals.

• Anything is an “opportunity” to sue you or someone else.

• Fear is what drives these creeps: YOUR fear! Don’t worry, the con will eventually move on once someone is bold and brave enough to stand up to him/her or when he or she has satisfied their addiction.

• Keep your children and animals away from these people, and don’t buy into the biggest con of all (retaliation). Violence and retaliation are exactly what they want. They love for their victims to slander and use violence because this is where the big money is made. They need a good lawsuit to carry them through until the next scam.

• Call the police and get them involved. Record and write down everything. Most importantly, keep your cool.

Judy Bivens

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