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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Public Forum: Light at 13th, Grand ‘still stupid’

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I noticed it’s been a while since anybody wrote a letter about the light at 13th and Grand, but in case the city was thinking all the “rabble” had gotten used to it and finally shut up, I would like for them to know that we haven’t.

It’s still stupid.

I can be at the edge of the public school building (the edge closest to 13th Street) when the light for Grand turns green, and if there is only one car up ahead of me at the light, it will be red again by the time I get to it. So then I have to stop and wait for another cycle for 13th to come and go (and sometimes a turn arrow for somebody who didn’t get to the oncoming side before me) before I can go.

If somebody is barely behind me but not close enough for the camera to see them, the whole thing happens again.

I really wish somebody from the city would write their own letter to the editor and tell the public why it makes sense for every damn car that comes down Grand to have to individually stop at the 13th light.

I drive this road every day, and I can guarantee you from what my own eyes have seen that you have more people running that light now (both directions) than you ever did before. The people on 13th get the idea they should never have to stop there now because it’s green so much, and the people on Grand know if they don’t make it through while they have a chance, they’ll get stuck.

I guess you can leave 13th moving along with a green light until the camera sees a car pull up on Grand, even though in case no one with the city has noticed this either, that has also led to more speeding on 13th because nobody is anticipating that the light will turn. But once the Grand green light is triggered, it should stay green long enough for any cars that are close to get through. At least 15, 20, 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds.

Common sense has got to prevail here at some point.

Frank Cooper

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