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Public Forum: Squatters’ rights law corrupt

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There was a time in our society, and not too long ago, that children were taught to help others. To practice hospitality and generosity to those who were less fortunate than ourselves. To help the needy; and we thought we were practicing Christianity. We grew into old age as we practiced all those Christian values. Weren’t we a naïve generation?

Then came along a thoughtless politician somewhere in the government of our society who managed to get a law passed that would prevent all property owners from expelling “squatters” from their properties once they have given permission for those “squatters” to use or stay on their land.

How deeply I regret that I wasn’t aware of this corrupt law when, out of kindness and concern for others, I gave permission to a young couple to merely park overnight in my driveway. It was a very cold night. They were homeless and I knew one of them. Then I found they wouldn’t leave and the rest of my story is about a living nightmare with a looming presence of the law “squatters’ rights.”

As a consequence, I learned that the sheriff’s department and our law forces can’t protect a property owner from this corrupt law, and the deadbeats who take advantage of it. They can’t – and they won’t! Why? Because our police and sheriff’s departments and our judges are pledged to uphold all laws. They too, in a way, become victims of that law.

A large number of people, especially seniors, never heard of this law until they become trapped by it and drug into a living nightmare.

There is only one thing a “squatters’ rights” victim can do to help themselves. They must go to the Magistrate Court office. The clerk there will hand a sheaf of papers. Those papers contain an eviction form, a three-day one and a 30-day one. Also a form that requires $76 to set a court date and $45 is required to pay a process server. Let’s face it – justice isn’t cheap! In court the judge usually gives the offender three days to scoot off your property.

Consequently, the wisest decision to make, concerning the corrupt “squatters’ rights” law, is to be aware of its existence. Tell yourself and everyone else to abandon grace of hospitality and generosity to others. In the future say “no” to anyone who would ask to stay, even for a short while, on your property. Even people you thought you could trust are likely to turn against you for their own gain.

Now, because of this letter, I sincerely hope that all of your readers will become much wiser property owners.

This is a law that should be abolished. There is a legislative event coming up in January at Santa Fe. State Representatives Jim Townsend and Kathrynn Brown, are you listening??

Bless you all,
Jackie Blessing

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