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Seat saving at Bulldog Bowl

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Saved vs. Reserved? Really!!! For the past two Bulldog home games, we have rushed to arrive at the Bulldog Bowl by 6:00 p.m. so that we can get “good seats”

for the game. Both times, we have arrived early only to find blankets stretched out on the benches indicating that the seats are “reserved.”

Last week, I decided “I had had enough of that.” I moved one of the blankets so that my grandchildren, my daughter, and I could sit. A while later, a couple of young ladies showed up and declared that we were sitting in their “reserved seats.” I politely disagreed, informing them that there was no one sitting there when we arrived, and that a blanket didn’t constitute reserved seats. I pointed out that the “general seats” in the stadium are first come/first serve, NOT reserved. Further, I pointed out the actual “reserved seat section,” and told the ladies that THOSE were the RESERVED SEATS – the seats people pay for in order to reserve them.

A while later another young lady appeared, and she, too, was perturbed that we were sitting in her “saved seats.” Again, I told her no one had been there to tell us any different. She said she had come early to save the seats but then she was down there – on the field I guess?! A little while later, the whole familia got there, and they were not too happy because we were “in their seats.”

I do not think that saving three benches with blankets is fair. If you want particular seats at the game, get there early and sit down like everyone else. If you want a “reserved” or “saved” seat, PAY FOR ONE!! It’s that easy. Otherwise, the seats in the stadium are fair game to those who arrive early and actually sit down in them.

No more throwing down blankets to “save” rows and rows of seats PLEASE!!

Ida Perez

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was issued by the Artesia Public Schools Athletic Office regarding seat saving at the Bowl: “The gates for varsity football games open at 5:30 p.m. Any seats that are not reserved seats are on a first come, first served basis. If an individual who arrives early wants to save a couple of seats for other family members who might have other duties (booster sales, concession setup, etc.), we hope that their wishes would be respected. These seats would still need to have an individual present, since laying down blankets does not reserve seats.”)

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