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Take advantage of your local paper

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The greatest resource a small community such as Artesia has at its disposal for spreading the proverbial news is its newspaper.

And yes, that still holds true in the digital age.

I’m an enormous fan of the future. Few people are happier than I that we live in a time where a few taps of my telephone can have a cheese plate bearing the face of Lionel Richie and the words “Hello, is it brie you’re looking for?” on my doorstep in two days.

But I’m an equally big fan of the tangible. As one of the buttons in my collection reads, “I think I’m too young to be this nostalgic.” That might be a millennial trait, but think of it this way – at least it’s one millennial trait at which you don’t have to shake a disgruntled fist.

I love books. Real books. I love vinyl. And I love newspapers. An e-reader just doesn’t smell like leather and wisdom to me. Van Morrison, though soul-shaking in any format, very nearly reaches out and touches you through vinyl. And newspapers don’t shout the national headlines at you before cutting to a word from Papa John – they give you a story that can be leisurely perused over a cup of coffee. No squinting and scrolling required.

Newspapers can’t be deleted. You can put them down and pick right back up where you left off later without having to try to remember who shared what link on Facebook or re-wade through 15 “Next Page” buttons designed to force you to acknowledge dubious ads. And speaking of dubious ads – our advertising department isn’t going through your search history to see what you’ve been Googling in order to blast you with 20 ads for that thing the next time you pick up the paper.

You’ll just have to find unicorn leggings on your own.

The permanence of newspapers comes in particularly handy when you’re attempting to let the community know about your business, your organization, or an upcoming event.

In addition to our large print subscriber base, we have a significant amount of e-edition subscribers, both local and from neighboring cities such as Roswell and Carlsbad, not counting the many who pick up a copy from the paper boxes located around town. Print ads offer more bang for the buck in that the ad content is in black and white for potential customers to read thoroughly. Photos can be included to help them visualize the product or message.

But hometown newspapers like the Daily Press also offer a variety of free services, all in the name of keeping our readers informed of what’s going on in their city.

The daily Around Town is a prime example, in which nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, government entities and the like can include notices concerning upcoming events. Just send your notice to aroundtown@artesianews.com or drop off at the Daily Press offices, 503 W. Main St.

Upon opening a new business, owners are typically visited by the Artesia Trailblazers and Artesia Chamber of Commerce for a ribbon cutting. The Daily Press publishes these standalone photos as notice of a “grand opening” event, but the paper has long offered forms for new businesses as well as businesses under new management, moving to a new location, etc.

Simply pick up a form at the Daily Press or email editor@artesianews.com to have one sent, fill it out, and return it with a date and time that works best for a photo op. One of our reporters will take the photo, gather any additional information needed, and compose an article letting Artesia know about your business. All we ask is that you consider purchasing an ad in one of our many special editions sometime in the future.

Our Community Living section is another way in which Artesians can let the city know about special moments or events.

Student honors, such as graduations or awards, births, military honors, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, and local club happenings are all items included in the Sunday Community Living section. Forms are available for all of these notices at the Daily Press or by emailing comnews@artesianews.com.

The only announcements with specific requirements are:

• Engagement announcements, which are intended to announce an engagement and upcoming marriage. We ask that these be submitted as early as six months and no later than one month prior to the wedding date.

• Wedding announcements, which are intended to detail a wedding (wedding party members, information such as fashion, décor, music, etc.). We ask that these be submitted no later than four months following the date of the ceremony.

Color photos may be submitted with all announcements, and for anniversary announcements, we ask that both a current photo and a wedding photo, if available, be submitted.

The Community Living section also offers additional features, such as “Travel Tales,” through which Artesians who have visited an historic or foreign locale may submit photos of their trip and, if desired, a write-up on the experience for publication on the Community Living cover. Check for notices in the Community Living section for information on other features.

In addition, we are always happy to compose an article on any event that is open to the community. We need only enough advance notice to allow us to schedule interviews, photos, etc.

Take advantage of the services offered by your local newspaper. We receive excellent feedback from groups, businesses and individuals that have regarding event attendance and the amount of people who say, “I never knew about this before I saw it in the paper.”

I often thumb through our bound archives and enjoy seeing the ways in which Artesians past shared their news, whether monumental or just charming, with their friends and neighbors. Make sure yours is there – black, white and read all over – for future generations to look back and smile on, as well.


Brienne Green
Daily Press Editor

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