About Us: Chronicling Artesia’s Legacy for Over 70 Years

The Artesia Daily Press, a prominent source of local news and events in Artesia, New Mexico, holds a special place in the heart of this vibrant city. As a cornerstone of the community for over 70 years, our newspaper has evolved in tandem with the city it serves, steadfastly chronicling the diverse, dynamic lives of its residents. Artesia, nestled at the intersection of U.S. routes 82 and 285, is a city defined by its resilient spirit, grounded in the historic promise of its artesian aquifer and blossoming amidst the energy of oil patch discoveries.

In 2023, we entered a new chapter when El Rito Media acquired the Artesia Daily Press, marking an exciting era of growth and renewal. This transition to local ownership further deepens our connection with the community, as the purchasing consortium includes members of Artesia’s renowned Yates family, among other esteemed New Mexico residents.

Our legacy traces back to June 2, 1954, when Lincoln O’ Brian and James K. Green launched the newspaper. After years of healthy competition and eventual amalgamation with the Artesia Advocate, the Artesia Daily Press emerged as the city’s go-to news source. Over the decades, the Green family expanded our newspaper’s reach across New Mexico, until all were sold except for the one closest to their hearts, the Artesia Daily Press.

In the spirit of our namesake city, the Artesia Daily Press remains committed to the pursuit of growth, resilience, and innovation. As we build upon the legacy of the past and embrace the opportunities of the future, we are excited to continue sharing the stories that shape Artesia, our home.