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City continuing to evaluate public feedback on Comprehensive Plan

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Since August 2023 the City of Artesia has accepted input from the community regarding an update to the Comprehensive Plan, an “official public document adopted by City Council as a policy guide to decision-making about the physical development of the community.” 

Artesia has not updated its Plan since October 2012, nearly 12 years ago. The City receives community feedback through two direct means: public meetings and a community survey. A total of 242 individuals completed the survey, most of whom were female aged 25 to 49 with a household income over $75,000. 53% of respondents reported living in Artesia for more than 20 years, and 83% said they are likely to live in Artesia for the next two to five years. 

Last month, a second public meeting was led jointly by the City of Artesia and Consensus Planning, an Albuquerque company who specializes in planning, urban design and landscape architecture and is working with the City to develop specific strategies to implement the goals chosen by Artesia residents, according to Vice President and Principal-In-Charge of the project, Jackie Fishman. After the presentation of the survey results, community members were asked to vote on final goals and objectives in the following categories: Land Use, Economic Development, Housing and Neighborhoods, Transportation, Community Services and Facilities, Infrastructure, and Hazard Mitigation.  

The presentation also included two Alternative Land Use scenarios that involve re-zoning some areas of Artesia, dictate how currently undeveloped plots of land would be developed, and the expansion of Artesia city limits over the next 20 years. This plan hopes to address the main concerns brought forward by Artesia residents in the survey: lack of recreational entertainment venues and restaurants and the lack of diverse, affordable housing options for many residents. Overall, the goal of the Comprehensive Plan is for Artesia’s infrastructural development to foster the growth of Artesia’s economic development as the town continues to expand and evolve.  

Consensus Planning and the City of Artesia are currently processing the feedback received from the 20 community members who attended the public meeting and working to create an administrative draft that will be presented at a third and final public meeting, date and time to be determined. According to the Comprehensive Plan website, the goal is for the final plan to be adopted by City Council in May. X

Survey results and the presentation given at the second public meeting can be viewed at the Comprehensive Plan official website artesiacomprehensiveplan.com. Those with questions or concerns can reach out to Consensus Planning at 505-764-9801 or the City of Artesia Infrastructure Department at 575-746-9821. Residents are also encouraged to attend Minute with the Mayor, an event held every second and fourth Tuesday of each month at Kith + Kin Roasting Co. during which residents can voice and discuss a variety of topics with Mayor Jon Henry, as well as City Council meetings, which begin at 5 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at the Council Chambers in City Hall at 511 W. Texas Ave. in Downtown Artesia. 

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