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APD makes significant arrests over weekend

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Daily Press Staff Writer
According to the incident report provided by the Artesia Police Department, 11 arrests were made by local authorities this weekend.
Three noteworthy arrests made this weekend, all on Sunday, June 24, included that of John Poage, charged with aggravated burglary; John D. Gutierrez, charged with possession of a firearm or a destructive device by a felon, resisting, evading and/or obstructing an officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia; and Chrystal Gonzales, charged with allegedly receiving or transferring stolen vehicles or motor vehicles and resisting, evading and/or obstructing an officer. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
“The Artesia Police Department continues to work diligently into the summer months to try to protect the city’s residents and their property,” Sgt. Lindell Smith of the APD said.  “We would like to mention that we have the same type of highly trained and highly motivated employees, as well as modern equipment and resources to accomplish tasks, such as a bait car, just like other, larger police agencies.”
On June 24, APD officers set up a “bait car,” or a decoy car used to catch car thieves, on West Park Avenue. Inside the car, they set out a handgun with its hammer spring and firing pin removed and a purse in visible view. With the driver’s side door unlocked and a surveillance camera running inside, APD officers set up a mock traffic stop to bring attention to the vehicle.
Eventually, a male subject, later identified as Poage, approached the vehicle, looked inside, and entered the vehicle. The arresting officer then approached the vehicle, ordered Poage to get out, and inspected the vehicle, noting the firearm had been moved about six inches.

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