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Artesia keeping eye on legislative session

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Daily Press Staff Writer
With the New Mexico State Legislature’s 60-day session well under way, Mayor Phillip Burch discussed what Artesia, as well as other municipalities around the state, will be keeping a watchful eye focused on for the next few weeks.

“There are several things that the state legislature could do, or fail to do, that might impact municipalities like Artesia,” Burch said. “Of course, anything that could have an impact on our revenues we are very interested in, so there’s numerous things that municipalities across the state are watching closely this year.”

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Firstly, Burch said a majority of the New Mexico communities are keeping a close watch on the Hold Harmless Provision.
As the mayor explained, the state legislature moved to rescind the tax on food and medical services and supplies roughly four or five years ago. If put into effect, according to Burch, the provision would have negatively impacted municipalities greatly because the revenue collected from those taxes “is a municipality’s livelihood.”

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