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Awareness is the key

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School Resource Officers, from left to right, Corporal Humberto Flores, Seargent John Beasley and Captain Larry Horrell speak at a violence in the workplace seminar at the Penasco Valley Telecommunications Auditorium Wednesday. The officers talked about police procedures in the event of an active shooter in a school. (Ashley Trujillo photo)

Special to The Daily Press

Violence in the workplace. It can happen in Artesia, too.

And having a plan can mean the difference between surviving or not, according to the Artesia Police Department.

The APD presented a workplace violence seminar Wednesday morning at the Penasco Valley Telecom Auditorium. Sgt. Lindell Smith served as facilitator and introduced PVT Community and Employee Relations Manager Janice Burk, who welcomed approximately 40 representatives from some 25 local businesses and community organizations.

APD Chief Don Raley spoke of the importance of being aware of the possibilities of violence in the workplace. Sgt. Smith discussed strategies and prevention tactics businesses can use to help avoid violent situations. Raley said there are four types of workplace violence: those connected with robbery and other similar acts; those involving customers, clients and vendors; those between co-workers; and those resulting from domestic violence spillover.

APD Community Service Officer Jeff Letcher spoke on warning signs and personality traits to watch for. APD Detective Robert Clarke discussed Verbal Judo, a method of de-escalating tense situations, and APD School Reserve Officers Sgt. John Beasley, Cpl. Larry Horrell and Cpl. Humberto Flores spoke on tactics to deal with school shootings. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.

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