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Heartland Care of Artesia welcomed

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From left, Wanda Sweat, Ruth Bratcher, Barbara Chandler, Ineta Russell, Marsha McArthur, Wanda Johnson, Mary Ellen Blankenship and Shirly Utley of the Heartland Care Helpers Club; resident of the Heartland Care of Artesia (HCA) Ann Katton; official ribbon-cutter William Hoppert Jr.; resident of HCA Margret Carrasco; HCA administrator William Hoppert Sr.; employee of HCA Brenda Skidmore; resident of HCA Lupe Armendarez; Michael Blunt of the Chamber of Commerce Trailblazers (ACCT); Karen Bolt, employee of HCA; Irene Holly of the Helpers Club; David Grousnick of ACCT; Mary Hendrickson of the Helpers Club; Debbie Bell of ACCT; and (behind Bell) Don Rindahl of ACCT, pose for a pre-ribbon cutting picture Monday at Heartland Care of Artesia, formerly known as the Good Samaritan Center. “We just want to welcome you to Artesia and say we are very honored to have your business in Artesia to serve the needs of our residents,” said Grousnick. The new owner of the facility, Renelle Tweedy, purchased the Good Samaritan center in December and hired Hoppert as the administrator in March. Hoppert said other than the change in name, management and ownership Heartland Care of Artesia is almost identical to its predecessor. Along with the previously mentioned variances, the facility has also changed phone numbers. The number for Heartland Care of Artesia is now 746-6006.

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