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Friday, April 12, 2024

Mayor’s Minute with Jon Henry

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In a time where trust in government institutions is questionable at best, the significance of local government transparency cannot be overstated. Accountable governance, fostering public confidence and informed decision-making within our communities, is what we have strived for in this administration for the past two years. I am hopeful that our community has noticed the changes we have made to ensure this goal is achieved.
Here are a few wins we can celebrate as we continue to work towards true and consistent transparency in your Artesia Government.
The bi-monthly City Council meetings are now live streamed on the Facebook platform, making meetings more accessible to the public and providing a recording available to all. We continually work to improve this service and have had great feedback.
The City is utilizing social media more than ever to inform, educate and to celebrate our town and its successes—to try and create a true connection with you!
The creation of Minute with the Mayor provides citizens an avenue to meet with City Leadership the morning of the City Council meetings to visit, ask questions or bring concerns.
City Budget 101 Classes provide our residents with an educational opportunity to listen to our budget process, ask questions and truly understand how their tax dollars are utilized.

Inviting the public to give their expertise and opinions in updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
Local governments are the closest representatives to the people. We play a vital role in addressing citizens’ needs and concerns. Without a strong focus on transparency, our actions risk being shrouded in doubt and suspicion. By providing accessible information about processes, expenditures, and decision-making, we hope to create confidence in our town that those you have elected truly have your best interests in mind in all decisions.
Transparency can create a bridge of trust between elected officials and those they represent and serve. It also encourages citizen engagement. When residents have access to information about how their tax dollars are being utilized and the rationale behind policy decisions, they are empowered to actively participate in the process. This engagement fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility within the community, leading to more effective governance outcomes.
Transparency for this administration is the easy part because it is truly something we all desire to provide you. Here is the hard part—how do we get all this information to the public well? There always seems to be someone who has missed the newspaper article, the social media posts, the radio interview, or the invitations to attend and participate. This administration is all ears if you have a better way to inform the public! We want everyone informed and on the same page! This is how we grow well and stay unified toward our goals.
If you desire to get engaged and to provide productive ideas, opinions and yes, even constructive criticism, then you have come to the right place! This job will take all of us. We can use you on our team as we further Artesia and make it the best town in New Mexico!
Join us!

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