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New cupcake shop set to open in March

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Daily Press Staff Writer
Artesia will soon be receiving an Encore, in a matter of speaking.
Opening adjacent to the Ocotillo Performing Arts Center, Encore will be a cupcake shop that also sells coffee, bubble teas, muffins and more. Because of its proximity to the Ocotillo – and as the name suggests – the shop will have a theatre and arts theme. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
Krizel Rodriquez, owner of Landsun Computers, will help run the shop while her sister, Tania, will mind the oven. For Krizel, helping Tania with her dream of opening her own cupcake shop is her way of saying thanks for all she has done.
“Tania has sacrificed a lot for Dario, my husband, and myself,” Krizel said. “When we opened Landsun Computers, for example, she was in there every day and actually learned how to become a technician to help us out. She put her life on hold for us, so this is our way of saying thank you for everything she’s done for us.”
Tania’s passion for baking began at a very young age and has continued to grow ever since.
“When I was very little, I remember asking my mom if I could have an Easy-Bake Oven,” Tania said. “And she said no because she wanted me to learn how to bake with her using the actual oven in our home instead. So that’s when it all started, learning from my home, and I’ve been baking all this time.”

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