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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Steve Pearce speaks at Lunch and Learn

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Steve Pearce, the GOP contender for U.S. Representative in New Mexico’s District 2, volleys an answer to a question posed by Dave Walker, a financial adviser for Edward Jones, during an Artesia Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn meeting Thursday at the Pecos Inn as to the correctness of newly-imposed federal regulations on the financial sector. Pearce was the featured speaker at the event, espousing a message of less government, the importance of citizens voicing dissent/becoming politically active and the virtues of Facebook. He said Facebook, an online social networking application, can be used by anyone to garner support for their cause and possibly inspire political action. “We need to show how (over) regulation is driving up the cost of living in America,” said Pearce. He called upon citizens to take action using applications such as Facebook as a stage to propagate their ideas to the general public in an effort to apply pressure to politicians. “I believe the American people have a basic sense of rightness and fairness,” said Pearce. Lunch and Learn events are held the first Thursday of every month around noon at the Pecos Inn. Information with direct relevence to the community is presented during each event. For more information contact Debbie Bell at 746-2744.

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