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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Townsend announces run for state Senate

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ARTESIA — Rep. Jim Townsend has announced his run for the Republican nomination for New Mexico Senate District 34.

With the goal of restoring freedom, hope and opportunity for all New Mexicans, Townsend says he is committed to serving the district with special focus on freedom and economic opportunity.

“I have served my community in the New Mexico House, and I hope to continue serving in the Senate,” said Townsend. “As the former leader of the Republican House Caucus, I want to take my experience in standing up to radical and often unproductive initiatives in the House and bring it to the Senate, where I can more effectively help to block bad Democrat legislation, particularly the kind that threatens jobs in the Southeast.”

Townsend is the former Minority Leader of the New Mexico House of Representatives representing District 54. He assumed office on Jan. 20, 2015. He is currently serving New Mexico as Committeeman to the National Republican Party and has served as State Chairman for the American Legislative Exchange Committee.

Townsend attended New Mexico State University-Carlsbad. His professional experience includes working for Southern Union Gas Company, Southern Union Refining Company, Navajo Refining Co., Holly Energy Partners and UNEV Pipeline Company. He retired in 2012 from Holly Energy but served on their board of directors for several years after retiring.

Townsend and his wife, Paula, raised two children and are proud grandparents of three young grandchildren. The Townsends happily reside in Artesia.

“I am especially concerned about the current assault on parental rights going on in our state,” Townsend said. “There needs to be unity in the State Senate to block terrible legislation that hurts families and that destroys New Mexican jobs, such as the NM Green New Deal. I know that my experience will help me to serve the people of this district in protecting our rights, our jobs, and our way of life.”

For more information about Townsend and his stance on the issues, visit JimTownsend.org.

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