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Hayley’s Comment: AAC provides arts entertainment, education to people of all ages

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Can you imagine a community without art? You probably think you can. When we say “the arts” we often think of stuffy museums, fancy paintings, and opera. But, there is so much more to it than that. “The arts” can be an entertaining evening of music, comedy, photography, fun community plays, arts and crafts for the kiddos, drum lessons … almost anything you can imagine in which you are expressing yourself and creating something for others to enjoy, react to, or even just think about.

That’s what Artesia Arts Council has been providing to our community for decades. Housed in different locations over the years, Artesia Arts Council found a permanent and beautiful home in the Ocotillo Performing Arts Center on the corner of Main and Roselawn. In 2008, the Ocotillo (often called the OPAC), newly renovated, opened its doors as the premier place for the Arts Council to serve the community by providing arts entertainment and education to people of all ages. And, they have done just that.

Artesia Arts Council has brought you high-end entertainment from all over the world to fun paint parties that a group of friends can do together while they chit chat about life, or children’s theater and music lessons for your young musician. It has been a place to enjoy the work of local and regional artists or give yourself an opportunity to compete in an amateur photography or other type of art show. You and your family can build gingerbread houses, Christmas decorations or participate in other craft times throughout the year.

Why am I reminding you of this? Artesia Arts Council has had a tremendous positive impact on our community. It contributes to our quality of life. It gives many people a venue for self-expression and an outlet for creativity when sports, ag or other more traditional activities don’t grab them. It gives all of us an opportunity to see performers and entertainers we may never get a chance to see otherwise, and it is always more affordable and takes less of your valuable time than leaving town to be entertained.

Even if you don’t go every day, or even very often, imagine a town that didn’t have that kind of opportunity at all. Although, our family was heavily involved in ag, we still spent some time with the Arts Council making silly gingerbread houses and Christmas decorations. Our little nieces saw ballet for the first time in their lives right here in Artesia … something that would have been difficult to see otherwise. Their eyes lit up and they walked out of there dancing and dreaming!

Like any other non-profit organization, Artesia Arts Council needs your support. Find a time to attend an event or a workshop, grab your friends for a paint party, or talk to the Arts Council staff about your ideas.

Lastly, did you know you can rent the Ocotillo for a party? It can be a dinner party, a movie party, a shower, or a special meeting. It is available for the community to use.

Consider joining the Arts Council today. You can be a member, be a season ticket holder, donate as a patron, or just buy tickets to an event. Support the organization that helps Put the Arts in Artesia. Call the Chamber (575-746-2744) if you have questions, or call Artesia Arts Council directly (575-746-4212). They will love to hear from you!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Hayley Klein is the executive director of the Artesia Chamber of Commerce. Contact her at 575-746-2744.)

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