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APD Burglary Team on constant patrol

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Daily Press Staff Writer
With the Artesia Police Department’s Burglary Team literally on constant patrol, the APD has shown that, if necessary, it will mold itself into whatever it needs to in order to stop or prevent crime.
“If we have to assign a certain number of officers to work on burglaries, then that’s exactly what the APD is going to do,” Sgt. Lindell Smith of the APD said. “We have the experience, the manpower and the gumption to hold the right people accountable for victimizing the people we serve.” … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
While the Burglary Team has existed within the APD in different forms since the beginning of this year, Smith said the team officially formed a few months ago, near the end of spring.
There are five members on the Burglary Team altogether. A detective that has been specifically assigned to only burglaries and auto thefts is considered the leader or primary coordinator of the group while four other officers each take a turn on one of the four patrol shifts.
As Smith pointed out, a burglary fits a much larger spectrum of calls than one might initially imagine.

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