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Friday, June 14, 2024

APS 2 Mill Levy passes

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While voter turnout was low overall for the Artesia Public Schools’ 2 Mill Levy election, the levy passed by a wide margin amongst those who did cast ballots.

According to the Eddy County Clerk’s Sub-Office, a total of 341 individuals voted in the election, with 311 for and 30 against the continuation of the mill levy, which adds $2 per every $1,000 of residents’ property tax valuations.

The schools say the funds will be used for maintenance equipment, upkeep at facilities, upgrading of electrical, plumbing and AC, classroom technology, security improvements, ADA compliance measures, new classroom and playground equipment, and activity vehicles.

“We’re just extremely pleased with the vote of confidence that the community shows for our school system and our kids,” said APS Superintendent Dr. Crit Caton. “We do a lot of good things with those dollars, putting computers in the classrooms and Aquos boards, and the maintenance and upkeep of our facilities.

“It is unimaginable how much it helps us.”

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