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Council passes second fireworks resolution

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Daily Press Staff Writer
During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Artesia City Council passed the second fireworks resolution this year, banning the use of certain fireworks for the Fourth of July.
According to Fire Marshall James Abner, the resolutions were passed because of the “seriously dry” drought conditions, which have made the potential risk from fireworks much greater than usual. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
“The Artesia Fire Department encourages all individuals to limit or completely eliminate the use of fireworks during these dry conditions,” Abner said. “Individuals that accidently start fires due to fireworks can be held legally liable for any property damage that results. If you still feel the need to use fireworks, please do so with the utmost regard to both personal safety and overall fire safety.”
With respect to the resolution, the following types of fireworks are prohibited: missile-type rockets or, specifically, devices similar to a stick-type rocket in size; helicopters or aerial spinners, or “a tube with a propeller or blade attached that spins rapidly as it rises into the air”; stick-type rockets or bottle rockets; and ground audible devices that produce “a visible or audible effect that occurs at ground level.”

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