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Eighth-grade athletics sparks debate at board meeting

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APS Board to form committee to discuss allowing eighth-graders to compete at high school level

Daily Press Staff Writer

An intense debate over whether to allow eighth-graders to participate in high school athletics at Monday’s meeting of the Artesia Public Schools Board of Education led to the decision to form a committee to further review the subject.

A few parents went before the board Monday to ask that the integration of eighth-graders be considered, citing concerns that, because certain sports are not offered to students at the eighth-grade level, some students may drop out of athletics altogether.

The parents also cited dwindling competition opportunities for Artesia’s eighth-graders, due to other area schools already allowing eighth-graders to participate in high school athletics.

Board member Jeff Bowman expressed concerned that, by allowing eighth-graders to compete at the high school level, the cohesiveness of the students at the junior high would be affected. He also expressed concerns about maturity levels at that age and how that could ultimately affect high school athletes. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.

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