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MVD, commissioners talk surcharge as option at Artesia department

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Daily Press Staff Writer

Artesia Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) customers could see an increase in the cost of transactions in order to offset operational costs and improve the overall efficiency of the facility.

During the regularly scheduled Eddy County Commission meeting Tuesday morning, Eddy County Resources Director Kenny Rayroux delivered an annual report on operations for the Artesia MVD.

During the report, Rayroux revealed the possibility of adding a surcharge to customer transactions as a viable way to improve the facility without putting additional financial pressure on the county.

The Artesia MVD is the only MVD in the state operated by the county it serves. Due to the contract established between the state and the county, the MVD is not able to generate enough net revenue to be self-sustaining.

Last year, the gross revenue for the MVD was $1,738,606, while the net revenue returned from the state was just $145,124 or 8.35 percent. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.

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