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Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Public Forum: Artesia motorists urged to drive safely

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When I read the news about that poor little boy hit by a car Wednesday, my heart broke for him and his family. I am so glad and I’m sure everyone else is, too, that he is OK.

I know that driver did not mean to hit the child and that she tried to stop. We need to be so sure that our babies are safe when they are playing outside, that they stay out of the streets and are always looking out for cars, especially on these streets with so many of them lined up on the sides of the road.

But this is also just a time to stop and think about the way we drive in our city. There are so many children around in Artesia, even sometimes on the busy streets, and some people here drive like maniacs!

If something good can come out of this, then maybe it will make some of our drivers think about slowing down and being more safe in our neighborhoods. Right now, many drivers are going through neighborhoods more because of the construction on 13th Street, and they are not all being safe.

The high school traffic is coming across Dallas and then to 15th to get to Grand. Many of these kids are driving too fast and running all of the stop signs. Someone is going to get hurt, either run over or wrecked. Parents, please tell your kids to drive cautiously!

And for all the other drivers, just be safe. You might be in a hurry, but it takes hardly any time to get everywhere in Artesia and it’s better to get there safely than to risk hurting others or yourself. Slow down, stop running stop signs and red lights, stop pulling out in front of people! Let’s prevent accidents instead of hoping they turn out OK.

Audra Schlesenger

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