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Public Forum: ‘Crazy drivers getting crazier’

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I read the story about the editor’s trip and got a good laugh out of the statement that she felt safer on the road in much larger cities than she does here at home.

After a few days on the road last week, I am no longer laughing. Artesia’s drivers are crazy, and they’re getting crazier!

I was nearly hit three times last week by dangerous and inattentive drivers. Just for one example, a woman with a child who was not buckled in the backseat pulled out inches in front of me onto 13th Street. I had to slam my brakes to keep from hitting her. Then she drove 15 miles an hour, looking back at me the whole time and smirking. I’m appalled you think your child’s life is so funny!

Everybody counts on the other driver to give themselves whiplash avoiding the accident you nearly caused, and then everybody shows how irresponsible they are (and how they should not be allowed on the road!) by making a joke out of endangering not only my life but yours and the life of whoever is in your car!

Artesia, stop it! Drive safely! I know our police force is struggling right now without as many officers as they need, but it would be nice if we could find a way to watch these side streets onto busy roads and stoplights at busy intersections before and after school and after work, and ticket some of these crazy drivers so that maybe they will start to think about their actions!

Pearl Gutierrez

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