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Public Forum: Reader supporting Lowe/Thompson

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This letter is to our community. Trey Thompson is my nephew. He is the son of Chuck and Susan Thompson, grandson of Charles and Doris Thompson and the late T.J and Gwyn Snelson. He has many aunts, uncles and cousins that are either from Carlsbad or currently live in Carlsbad.

Trey is running for Under Sherriff to Kelly Lowe. I have had to let some time pass before I was able to write this letter. I do not know their opponents so this letter is not about them. I’m only going to speak to what I do know. Trey Michael Thompson is absolutely one of the kindest, caring, honest men that I know. I have obviously known him his entire life and I can promise you he doesn’t have a dishonest bone in his body. I know that Trey loves law enforcement and absolutely feels that it is his calling. He is also very good at it. This community would be very lucky to have a man of his character representing and serving Eddy County as undersheriff.

I’ve only known Kelly Lowe for a short time, but I do know that he is smart enough to choose an honest man of integrity to be his running mate and that he stood by him when he was attacked with these ridiculous charges. So as for Kelly Lowe’s character, that tells me enough right there. I know many people in this community know and respect Trey. Many of them have already shown their love and support. Thank you for that, it means a lot.

There are people who fear that they cannot publicly show support because of their jobs or affiliations and that is understandable due to current retaliations already taking place. It is sad however that people are forgetting that this is a man’s life and livelihood that are at stake. I think it is worth standing up for. I encourage you to talk to friends, neighbors, family and register to vote. We need your support at the polls. If you know Trey then you know there is very little that he wouldn’t do for others. It is crazy how giving and unselfish he is. Please know that the truth will eventually be revealed.

I know that the people in this community are smart enough to see through this political ploy. Kelly and Trey have chosen not to ask for large contributions because they know this community is in an economic downturn, they have done a few fundraisers to help raise money, but also to benefit our community. If you would like to donate to this campaign or show your support with a yard sign, we certainly welcome it. In the end we mostly ask for your VOTE. A campaign is not ‘he who has the most signs wins,’ it is however ‘he who has the most votes wins’.

I know our community will do the right thing on election day. Thank you for supporting Kelly Lowe and Trey Thompson in this very important election. I’m not writing this letter because Trey is my family, I’m writing this letter because there is a huge injustice taking place and I have to speak out. Please keep his family and this situation in your prayers. Isaiah 54:17 says “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.”

Deanna Welch

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