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Friday, June 14, 2024

Public Forum: SKP residents supporting Pearson

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Dear Royce,

Dennis and I are writing to give you our endorsement for your reelection to the Eddy County Commission for District 2.

I remember you from your first years at the elementary school in Cottonwood, N.M., so I can vouch for you for almost your entire life.

What we didn’t know about that bright, enthusiastic child is the leader you would become. When our little RV community was nearly washed away during the floods of 2013 and 2014, we called you and you were already busy finding a temporary, safe place for us and our neighbors to take shelter from the storm. You were truly there to serve all of your constituents during our time of need.

We know you share our conservative principles and will be responsive to the ever-changing needs of our district. We thank you for all your past help, and give you our whole-hearted support. My husband, Dennis, and I encourage everyone in the district to vote for you. You are truly a servant of the people.

Dennis P. Bratcher
Charlette Bratcher

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