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Downtown Lions conduct annual eye screenings

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(Teresa Lemon – Daily Press)

Members of the Artesia Downtown Lions Club, from left, Patrick Smith, Ken Murphy, Ken Aaron, Terrah Sexton and Zoeann Smith, along with Connie Conner and Kathy Kolt, not pictured, high-five Head Start students this morning after completing their eye screenings. The Lions screened 181 students at Head Start this morning as part of its annual effort to provide parents of Head Start and Grand Heights Early Childhood Center students with a report of their children’s potential eyesight problems. The “SPOT” cameras, which were donated to the club by Navajo Refining, are as simple to use as taking a picture and non-invasive, which in turn generates an immediate report for the parents identifying six different eye problems that can be addressed by an optometrist before becoming a learning disability for the child. “There are typically 30-40 kids who need further attention by their doctors out of a group this size,” Murphy said.

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