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Poor standards prompt city to consider rental ordinance

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ARTESIA — The City of Artesia is considering adoption of a new ordinance requiring owners or operators of residential rental property to register with the city. The city is seeking public input and feedback on the draft ordinance.

The impetus for this ordinance is a number of rental properties do not meet minimum health and life safety standards. Currently the city has no regulations in place to allow inspection of a rental property unless requested by either the owner or renter. Renters are often reluctant to get the city involved if they feel their lease may be terminated.

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The city has drafted the ordinance and is welcoming public comment. A public input meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, in council chambers. Council action is not currently scheduled.

The draft ordinance is posted on the City of Artesia website.  A copy can be obtained at City Hall, or contact the Planning Department at 575-748-8298. A copy can also be requested by email and comments can be sent to opinion@artesianm.gov.

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