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‘SpOILed’ asks audience to imagine life without oil

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SpOILed Film
SpOILed Film

Daily Press Staff Writer

Imagine life without oil. That is what journalist-turned-filmmaker Mark Mathis asks his audience to do in the film “SpOILed.”

“It’s difficult to imagine your life without oil. Oil is your life. It is everything in your life,” Mathis said. “Of course it’s in your gas tank, but it’s embedded in almost every product you lay your hands on. It’s the road you drive on, the tires on your car, and the paint on your walls.”

Mathis explains oil is the driver of everything in the modern world, not just transportation, and as the world population continues to grow and more countries become industrialized, there will be greater demand to increase production. But that demand will eventually face an imminent peaking point where supply will not be able to meet it.

“This is not the kind of problem you can suddenly recognize and turn it around. Dealing with this challenge is going to take an enormous effort for years to come,” Mathis said. “The longer we wait to talk about this issue, the bigger the problem we are going to be facing.” … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.

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