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Looking Back: APS discusses one-school, one-grade system in 1988

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Looking back 40, 30 and 20 years ago, the following are excerpts from the Artesia Daily Press from Sept. 10-16.

40 years ago
Sept. 10-16, 1978

Johnny Miller traded in his reputation as a “rowdy” for stability, and he’s now ready for an outstanding senior season as a starting offensive tackle for the University of Wyoming. Miller is the only senior veteran on an otherwise young offensive line for the Cowboys. Raised on a farm outside of Artesia, Miller came to the University with tremendous brute strength and a reputation as a fun-lover. He still has the brute strength and loves to have fun. But he’s toned down both. “The farm naturally helped me,” he says, “because I was always lifting things. With brute strength, I could always move people. But after going through our weight program, I have control of my strength. I was raised on a farm. My dad started in a hole, but we made it and had a good, simple life. I like it here in Laramie because it is a small town, and I’m at home here. If I could I would like to get a job in this state. It would be a good start.”


As reported in the Pinon News: Mrs. Demery Anderson has an extra large yellow cat that is just a member of the family. Wednesday of last week, the cat was outside and wanted in the house and Mrs. Anderson opened the door and in came the cat with a gift for her that he tuned lose at her feet. It was a live snake and Mrs. Anderson did not appreciate the gift as she is horrified of snakes. She did not report what she did.


“House Calls” was the featured film of the week at Landsun Theatre, and “American Hot Wax” and “Orca the Killer Whale” were the featured films at Hermosa Drive-In.

30 years ago
Sept. 10-16, 1988

Mickey Reeves was on the sidelines, nursing a sore ankle. He got in for one play. Normally it would be disheartening for an athlete to realize his teammates didn’t need him to win. The Roswell Coyotes didn’t need much help from anybody in their 35-0 dismantling of the Artesia Bulldogs Friday at Bulldog Bowl. “Experience and maturity were factors, but Roswell simply got off the ball and we didn’t,” said Artesia coach Barry Coffman, whose team dropped to 2-1 on the season.


As reported in the Pinon News: Thursday of last week a five-inch rain fell east of Mayhill in the area of the Kennedy place, doing much damage. Crops were reportedly washed away, the Runyan stock scales were covered in water and other damage. Gary Yaste was helping “Dug” and Lincoln Cox on the Cox farm and ranch about seven miles east of Mayhill and had just finished and went to the house for a glass of iced tea and looked out and saw water everywhere and he needed to leave to meet his boys as the returned home from school. He wondered if he could cross the bridge.


The oft-mentioned prospect of consolidating Artesia Public Schools into a one-grade, one-school system was discussed in more specific terms at Monday’s Board of Education meeting. Administrators told which grades would be at which schools if the change takes place. Superintendent Taylor Stephenson, who said repeatedly that he does not favor a switch from so-called “neighborhood schools,” outlined the following plan should the switch be necessary. All first-grade classes would be at Hermosa; second grade at Yucca or Abo; third grade at Abo or Yucca; fourth grade at Roselawn; fifth grade at Central. Consolidation of Artesia elementary schools depends on the Legislature, Stephenson noted. If class-size limits for third grade become effective for the 1989-90 school year as scheduled, the cost of meeting them could force consolidation to save money.


On special through Sunday was the chicken fried steak, potatoes and gravy dinner at Townhouse Cafeteria, and Huckabee’s famous fried chicken was all-you-can eat with the salad bar for $4.89.


Jan Waldrip chalked up a 16-4 record to win last week’s Daily Press Pigskin Payoff. She tied with Pam Lard of Lake Arthur but beat her on the tie-breaker. She also beat her husband, former Bulldog football player Bruce Waldrip, who missed nine games. Seven other people tied for second with 15-5 records.


Haldeman Farms produced the first bale of cotton ginned at the Artesia Alfalfa Growers Association for the second consecutive year. The bale weighed in at 457 pounds. AAGA expects to gin 7,000 bales this fall.

20 years ago
Sept. 10-16, 1998

Friday night at the Bowl, nothing else in New Mexico quite compares. A plethora of Big Orange fans were on hand Friday night, as the Bulldogs routed the Roswell Coyotes, 49-12. The Big Orange fans turned out in such high numbers that the home side was overflowing. Many fans sat or stood on the concourse ranging from the ambulance ramp to the field house, and a few Big Orange fans wound up sitting on the visitors’ side for lack of space on the home side. It wasn’t a problem, though, as Roswell High seemed to have forgotten to bring its “twelfth man” to the game. “I’d say the biggest factor in the game was our platooning and having players able to go for four quarters,” said head coach Cooper Henderson.


As reported in the Pinon News: It is reported that there are many cars, pickups, truckers and campers in the mountains as it is bow hunting season. Eland and Becky Scott and son Shawn came Monday morning and had lunch with Mrs. Mary Ann Anderson. The Scotts were long time friends of the Andersons and came from Deming.


Several Artesia runners broke into the top 10 in their divisions during the Pecos Valley Invitation cross country meet. Crossing the line in the top 10 were Renee Pehr in girls’ varsity, Robert Fear in boys’ junior varsity, and Brandon Brower and Marc Hickerson in C Division. Competing as a team, the boys’ varsity was sixth and their junior varsity was third.


“Dance With Me” and “Small Soldiers” were the featured films of the week at Cinema Twin.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Looking Back was compiled by Daily Press Community Living Editor Teresa Lemon.)

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